Extra! Extra!

The next generation of journalists… and one ‘retired’ journalist up front

This afternoon I made a guest appearance at Dakar Academy’s  high school journalism class. Their teacher asked me to come speak about my professional experience as a media consultant and managing editor for magazines. I’m not sure how professional I would have come across with Pape strapped to me, so he stayed at home with Cheikh for a little male bonding time.

The answer is 1.

I love this picture.

Last week I walked in the room where Cheikh was holding and talking to Pape. There were no nursery rhymes, lullabies or sweet stories to be heard. But there was a sing-song voice explaining to Pape that the millionth number of pi is 1…

Living with Via Local

My sis-in-law gave me a package of Starbucks Via – you know, the ready-brew little packets. Anyway, I thought, “Yay! Starbucks in Senegal!” True. But the far bigger ‘yay!’ has been that I can make my morning brew one-handed while holding Pape. Caffeinated Mom = good thing.

Sitting dangerously close to my laptop as I type this is my final mug of Via. I used the last packet today. It’s been a good ride, but as of tomorrow I’ll be drinking Nescafé – the local version of Via.

He’s got mail!

Pape says to thank you!

Pape got his first piece of mail adressed to him this week – and it was a good one! Mimi and GrandGlenn sent him some very ooh là là onesies and light blankets from France. (We are assuming the bag of coffee was not for Pape.) No surprise here, but the little guy loves getting mail just as much as his parents do.

Daycation in Dulles

We’re going to the US for Christmas. (Cue loud cheers.) Our original flight connections were great, but our last leg to Atlanta has now changed twice. My dad suggested we call to see about getting a better flight time since as it stands now we’ll be sitting in Dulles for 10 hours. I can see his point, but some days, the idea of sitting in a temperature-controled American airport with clean bathrooms, restaurants and shops seems like a vacation. Who would want to cut that short?