Dieye kids hanging out in the shade

When I found out my friend’s husband was going up to St Louis last weekend, I suggested Cheikh go with him to get out of Dakar, clear his head a bit and visit his Senegalese family, the Dieyes. St Louis is Cheikh’s favorite place in all of Senegal (maybe even the world), so he was jumping up and down like a kid in a candy store. Well, not really. But he was pretty happy to get up there to the land of lakh and attaya.

So while the husbands went up north, we wives stayed here in Dakar, land of heat and humidity, with the kiddos. And we therefore felt completely justified using AC in the bedroom the whole time.

Cheikh and his (Senegalese) mom, Yaye Coumba

I say I’m not qualified to write this post because I wasn’t actually there when the photos were taken and I heard the stories second-hand. But if we waited for Cheikh to blog about the trip…

Pape Dieye with his son, daughter and nephew

One reason he needed to get up to St Louis was to see his brother, Pape, who is our son’s Senegalese namesake. We haven’t been able to make it up there since Pape (our son) was born, so Cheikh took pictures and a couple videos of ‘little toubab Pape’ to show the family.

Glamour Shots by Cheikh

And he also took pictures while he was there to show me once back in Dakar. This one above is Pape’s daughter. Her mom got her all dressed up to have Cheikh take her photo.

And then retake it once she saw her daughter had chosen this cluttered corner of the courtyard as her backdrop…