I consider myself a fairly experienced Africa girl. I’ve eaten fish heads and eyeballs, had giardia (if you don’t know, don’t ask), gotten used to little lizards in the house and walked through streams of knee-high muddy water to get to a village.

So when bugs showed up in my 10-pound bag of whole wheat flour that I can only get once a month, I knew it was time to put on my big girl headscarf and get busy.

Fridays are pizza night, which means making the dough. so I propped up Pape nearby and started to pick out bugs. One by wiggly one.


There were 37 of them in the first cup of flour. As I was thinking about how we really, really should buy a sifter, I saw something move. It wasn’t a bug though.

Lean in and squint…

Eww! Mixed in with the cup of flour I’d already picked over looking for dark bugs were lots and lots if little squirmy, white, wormy maggot thingies.

Africa girl has surrendered. Cheikh, you’re taking us out to dinner tonight! (Anyone have suggestions for where we should go?)