We’re in the process of moving across town (finally!) to our new apartment (yay!). We stopped by today to see the the painter who had just this morning finished the very last stroke. As we were pulling in, Cheikh pointed out this red wire stretching across the parking lot.


I thought it was a really poorly placed clothesline, but no. Any guesses?

If you guessed it’s someone running electricity from their apartment balcony, across the garden area and walkway, over the parking lot and down the street in order to have a light shine on their rams at night to keep away thieves… Well, you’d be right.



The Tabaski holiday, called Eïd al-Ahda in many countries, is coming up next week so people are buying rams to be sacrificed and eaten. Think Thanksgiving turkey – only killed in the streets, grilled, then shared with friends and neighbors and those less fortunate.

Rams on a street corner

And just like in the US when turkeys pop up in grocery stores leading up to the feast, here rams show up on every street corner and available space. Nearby you’ll see the herdsman keeping en eye over them. Some cost up to $1,000, so you can see why they are well watched. And why someone would run an electric wire from their apartment down the street to where their rams are tethered.

More rams...

It’s totally… BAAAH… normal.