One of today’s patients

You probably noticed that’s not Pape he’s holding there.

On Wednesday mornings, Cheikh goes to a children’s home for babies whose mothers died during childbirth and their families are not able to take care of them. He volunteers as part of their medical care team, treating 10 to 20 babies each week.

The playroom

Each week there are little ones ready and waiting for him, selected for him by the nuns who run the home. Some of the babies have serious development problems, some have respiratory problems or some may just be new arrivals (often teeny, tiny preemies) needing to be checked over after traumatic births. Once Cheikh treats these selected babies, he goes to the playroom to observe the others to see if he sees any with osteopathic dysfunctions to be treated.

As you can imagine, Wednesday mornings are one of the highlights of his week.