Unpacking while Pape entertains himself

We can see the ocean, palm trees and flat rooftops.

We can take Pape for a walk in his stroller on limited-pot-hole streets.

We can hear the call to prayer from the neighborhood mosque.

We can get breakfast (French bread, margarine, knock-off Nutella) for 200cfa (40 cents) at the corner buutik.

We can burn it off walking up the four flights of stairs.

We can celebrate no power cuts (going on 72 hours) and having decent water (40 hours)!

We can unpack boxes and find treasures from our ‘previous lives’.

We can eat candlelit dinners on the balcony at a table for two… plus one.

We can occasionally mooch the neighbor’s wifi without a password. (But we hope to have ours set up by this weekend.)