It seemed like a good idea at the time, but as our 1pm departure time approaches, I’m getting more anxious.

This weekend I’m going to Saly, a beach resort town about two hours away, with a whole gaggle of other ladies and a couple little gentlemen about Pape’s age. I’m sure it will be awesome and I’ll be so glad I went… but right now I’m freaking out a bit over taking Pape on his first trip.

Packing central

Packing for myself (one-handed) is hard enough, but added to that pile of things to pack are diapers, the stroller, his pool-wear, more diapers just in case, wipes, onesies, another handful of diapers as I recall the poorly timed incident earlier this week, his favorite book, burp cloths, diaper bag with extra diapers…

If anyone steals my bag they will be sorely disappointed unless Huggies are a hot item on the black market.

In case you’re worried about Cheikh being lonely while we’re gone, he’s made himself a long to-do list of things at the apartment (replace door handles, put up curtain rods, refinish table…) to keep himself company. For some of the items, he and a friend will be using something called a ‘power sander’ before they grill steaks on the terrace. So I think he’ll be just fine while we’re gone!

Grill central