Up at the lighthouse

Hot season is winding down. With highs in the upper 80s now, we decided it was time to turn the hot water heater on for showers. Up next… wearing jeans!

Poor Cheikh. Every household (apartmenthold?) project takes him three times longer than expected because of not having all the necessary tools, crooked walls, lopsided doors and an absence of right angles. But what he has been able to do looks great!

Hanging out with his dad

I made a coconut pie with bananas and caramel last night. I forgot I’d added bananas though so took first bite and said, “Eww… it tastes like bananas.” Can I still claim pregnancy brain, or has that excuse run its course?

For those who asked… Yes, I had plenty of diapers for the weekend!

With all the chaos of Pape’s birth, we did not manage to squeeze in having a certain procedure done. So we’re now looking for advice from parents who have had their sons snipped here in Dakar. I loved this email response:

“The doctor will likely give you the foreskin afterwards and tell you to throw it in the ocean. It’s some sort of tradition here. Where else in the world will they give you medical waste and tell you to throw it in the ocean? I love Senegal. I would recommend the Lagoon restaurant in Dakar for the throwing. Simply order a nice drink, sit at the end of the pier, and enjoy the fish nibbling away. Just pray it doesn’t wash up on the beach with the French tourists.”


Hmm… I haven’t approved this plan.