Turkey tail feathers, that’s what.

My friend Jeana made Thankful Turkeys with her two boys. (Aaack! I have to start thinking to do this stuff in a couple years.) On each feather they wrote something they are thankful for.

Check out the yellow tail feather shakin’ on Daniel’s bird.

Thankful Turkey

We made the cut. 🙂

Humor me for a minute and pretend this blog is a paper turkey. Here are some of my tail feather listings.

  • An ocean view from our apartment
  • Cooler weather blowing in
  • Far fewer power cuts these days! (Water cuts are another story… but we’re focusing on the positive here.)
  • A new running buddy and a place to run just down the street
  • The around-the-apartment to-do list getting shorter each day
  • Our neighbor’s open wifi connection
  • Friends to break turkey with tomorrow
  • Health, wealth and happiness!