The view for the weekend

Those of you who know the movie ‘What About Bob?’ probably recognized the title of this post.

This past weekend I surprised Cheikh (and Pape) with a weekend get-away to the beach town of Saly, about two hours away. We’ve hit the 10-month-in-Senegal mark, survived moving into our apartment, got the electricity and water hooked up in our name (still no internet or phone though), changed out locks, water fixtures and door handles, added a security door, had window screens replaced, the walls repainted, AC installed, new light fixtures put in, the tiles cleaned with acid… None of which was simple or a one-step process.

And there’s still a lot to do.

Pape went for his first swim this weekend

We’re still waiting for a plumber to come repair the water reservoir (and the kitchen tap that literally just fell apart in Cheikh’s hand). Every day we run out of water for about one to three hours in the evening because of the faulty reservoir. So right about the time I want to make dinner (and wash chicken slime off my hands) or give Pape a bath, nothing comes out of the faucets. Buckets and heating water on the stove to the rescue!

Along the beach

Back to our needing a get-away… Things were getting pretty tired and stressed around here, so off to Saly we went. As you can see from the pictures, it’s a beautiful, tropical scene and a nice, calm place to relax. To be honest, I expected the highlight to be not having to cook meals and taking naps!

Just waking up from a nap

But I was wrong. The highlight for both of us was – by far – the showers. Great water pressure and never-ending hot water 24/7. Ah may zing. We arrived at 2pm and by the time we went to bed the first night, we’d each had three long showers  🙂 And that trend continued the length of our stay… We’re now back in Dakar, rested and squeaky clean!

Fishermen on the ocean this morning before breakfast