When we first arrived in Senegal, everything looked like a photo op to me. The colors, the shapes, the shadows, the scenes… I thought I’d never run out of fascinating photos to take. But, as in all things, time passed and the unusual lost its ‘un’.

The other day I was sitting in the passenger’s seat, parked under a tree in our neighborhood while Cheikh ran into the buutik to pick up a couple things. I looked in my rearview mirror and decided to grab my phone and take pictures of whatever came by. Here’s what I saw…

A man dressed up and headed to Friday prayers at the mosque
A woman walking by responding to something the man in distance said
More men on their way to the mosque
A university student (my guess) going to the nearby cafeteria
A man pushing a flat wheelbarrow of rebar
A taxi looking for takers
A house-helper crossing the street