Faith, Maggie and their bébés checking out at store n°1

I’ve been hitting the holiday bazaars and shopping expositions pretty hard lately. They pop up around Dakar every year and are packed out with shoppers trying to find the perfect gift: unique with a bit of Senegal flair, but nothing too weird.

Pape under wraps and a hat

I still had a couple people on my list (they’ve been nice!) so decided to hit a couple shops downtown. Going downtown is a hassle and no one is ever really in the mood to tackle it, but a group approach makes it much more fun, so I recruited my friends Maggie and Faith and their wee ones. (Pape is quite a lucky guy – three little ladies all to himself.)

We were quite a sight to see, parading down the narrow streets, dodging traffic, coffee carts, giant potholes in the sidewalk, vendors selling Chanel n°5 for $10…

Snacktime on the sidewalk in front of store n°2

Tip: If you only have time or stamina to hit one store downtown, make it Cocktail du Sénégal on rue Moussé Diop, near the Institut Culturel Français. Very big selection, good quality and reasonable prices – no bargaining required.

Maggie carting her bags and Hayley on the front
One on the back, one on her feet
All the shopping wore him out.