Oh, the irony. We spent one year in Senegal, drinking tea and eating ceebu jen from the local, and never got sick to speak of. But then we came to America and got sick in a way that you should be happy I’m not going to speak of. Oh wow.

Plague-free and happy!

In the spirit of the holidays and sharing, this little bug plague was passed around the family (thankfully skipping over Pape and his little cousin). I never thought I’d try to avoid American food, but for at least a couple days… you bet we are.

Christmas with my side of the fam, before heading ‘up north’ to see Cheikh’s side

It’s been a great three weeks and we’re heading back to Dakar next week. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it, but overall it’s a good feeling. I’ll definitely miss the great showers, crisp weather and all the conveniences here.  Like that Coke machine that lets you choice from over 100 varieties – that thing is amazing. I’m also a big fan of depositing checks at a drive-thru ATM, without an envelope or deposit slip and then getting your receipt emailed to you. Much better than when Cheikh has to stand in line at our bank in Dakar and pay a small fee for depositing.

While we’ve been here, we’ve missed some rather significant events going on in Senegal. For example, singer Youssou N’Dour has announced he is running for president in the February elections. He’s one of the most popular African musicians… and dropped out of school at age 13. Interesting.

Transportation strikes (bus, raapide, taxi….) protesting the increased fuel prices put Dakar on pause for a couple days. Apparently people couldn’t even get to work and returned to using horse carts to get around town. Yikes.

leading member of Senegal’s opposition Socialist Party was charged with murder. Barthelemy Dias says he fired his gun in self-defense. Unfortunately for him, the video of the event doesn’t seem to reflect this exactly. Uh-oh…

Home, dusty home.

So any fears we may have had that life back home in Senegal might be boring these next couple of months have been squashed. Phew  😉