There’s no way to capture all, or even most of, the highlight moments from our trip to the US. But there is one that I really wanted to remember.

With Chris and Kate on Christmas Eve

My cousin Stephen and his wife Beth are renovating and adding on the house that belonged to my grandparents – a house that many of our family members have lived in over the years (including me!).


So when the big Borders Family Christmas Shindig was held there this year, Stephen decided to have each person present sign the wall across from the main staircase. We each wrote our name under the day’s date, then all those who had lived in the house at one point or another wrote a bit about their time there. Once the scribblings were completed, they would be wallpapered over as a sort of family time capsule.

My parents writing on the wall

I don’t have a wall to write memories on, but I do have a blog where I can post photos. So here it is, part of our Christmas time capsule.

My mom with Pape and Jazmine
With Kate and Mom on Christmas Eve
Pape and Jazmine playing on the bed
Mimi and GrandGlenn with the grandkiddos
Enjoying some time with my niece
Asleep on my back at the Roth Family Christmas
Cheikh and his (toubab) brother at a café
Pape loves showing me his hand.
Napping with Aunt Britt on one of the Plague Days
Inspecting cousin Colton Trey
Asleep on Grandma Penni’s shoulder
It’s been fun, but I’m ready to get back to the land of 80° and feeling the dust between my toes!