1. Bucket water filter

Cheikh built this. It’s made from two buckets, two lids, a faucet fixture, three candle filters and some nuts and bolts. We run all our drinking water through it. It’s super nasty to see how brown and dirty the candles get in just a couple days. That’s for another post, another time.


2. Iron security door

The door was made by a welder friend of Cheikh’s. He also made a door stop out of iron pieces and an old flip-flop sole.


3. Reserve water

Absolute necessity since we’re still having daily water cuts. On days like today, it’s more accurate to say we have daily water availability! It’s been off most of the last 24 hours. So we store up water when we can.


4. Gas bottles for the stove
Really brighten up the kitchen, don’t they?


5. Indoor/outdoor laundry room

This is just off the kitchen. There’s a big double sink, tiled floors and walls, our washing machine and our lines for drying. So much easier than hiking up to the roof or walking down four flights of stairs to hang laundry.

Note: Anyone who think sun-dried clothes are soft and/or smell good has never dried their clothes on a line.


6. Extra ‘outlets’

Hole in the wall + extension cord. Problem solved.


7. Voltage regulators/surge protectors

These little boxes are also a must. They protect our appliances from power surges that fry expensive things up in an instant.


8. Bidet

Of course, if you’re reading this from Europe, you might have a bidet. But it’s a safe bet that people in the US do not. Also a safe bet that your husbands did not request they be installed…like mine did. But they do make excellent foot-washers, stained-clothes-soakers and baby baths.


9. Glass slat windows

We actually only have one of these. The others have all been replaced.


10. A fuse box that looks like this.