I don’t like the term ‘to be on lockdown’. To me, it conjures up a scene that requires the help of Jack Bauer or Superman to get out of. So I prefer to think that we are on down-lock. What that means is that:

– we are not leaving the apartment
– we have the door and security door locked
– we’re keeping an eye on internet news sources
– we’re keeping in touch with friends across the city via text messages and emails

Or, as I like to call it, ‘just your average day as a new mom’! 🙂

Last night it was announced the current president will be able to run again in February’s elections, along with 13 other candidates, but that singer Youssou N’Dour will not be able to run. As a result of this announcement, there were protests in Dakar and across Senegal. One policeman was killed and other people injured. Police fired tear gas to disperse crowds that were throwing rocks, lighting tires on fire and heading towards the presidential palace.

Here in our neighborhood, the street scene seemed normal. (Not that we were out for a family promenade or anything – just looking out the windows and from the balcony.) We could hear sirens and hear loud booms for a couple hours. This morning things seemed calm, even downtown.

At about 2pm we got a message saying that there are rioters near the university, which is a couple miles away. The best analogy I can think of for the situation and whether we are in any real danger is the difference between a hurricane being a couple miles away (that’s dangerous) or a shooter a couple miles away (no danger to you if you’re at home).

People are saying things will heat up again as the day progresses and tonight will be especially… not good.

To-do list item #4: Paint dresser for Pape’s room

So we are keeping it on the down-lock. We had made a list of things to keep us busy and from going stir-crazy. We’re going through items on the list super fast, so send us your ideas!