Fresh out of the oven

Six months ago today I was wheeled into an operating room with peeling paint where a very capable, wonderful surgeon sliced open my stomach and an anesthesiologist who was not wearing a mask sneezed over me. Just moments later, a nurse held up a splotchy whiteish purply squirmy thing and said, “Maman, ton bébé.” Although I suppose technically I became Pape’s mom that day, I feel like I’ve become his mom more and more with each passing day.

6 things I’ve learned

1. White or light-colored onesies make him poop all over. Put him in darker colors and the diapers will hold just fine.

2. Use two baby bath towels. Put one over your shoulder and spread out across your front. When you lift him all drippy from the bath, lay him against this shoulder and cover him with the second towel.

3. If you’re already super sleep-deprived and used to being woken up at all hours, jet-lag really isn’t that big of a deal.

1 month

4. Listen to the pediatrician when he says to feed him only fresh, organic vegetable and fruit purées. Then listen to the mom of five when she says you can also feed him instant potato flakes, ground oatmeal and polenta mush.

5. When he finally falls asleep after however many minutes hours, don’t put him down right away. Take time to enjoy holding your sleeping baby.

6. It gets better. It really does.

6 baby items I love

2 months

1. Moby Wrap

2. Books by Dr Sears (and his website)

3. Boogie Wipes

4. Miracle Blanket

5. Sterile saline mist

6. Bumbo seat and tray

3 months

6 things I never want to forget

1. That cheesy toothless grin.

2. Your dad explaining the world to you in ginormous words and complex sentences – and you just staring at him, totally transfixed.

3. How obsessed you are with your hands and feet. Best toys ever.

4. You love people. Even when you were teeny tiny, you always wanted to be around people.

4 months

5. The way you fall asleep with your hand against me, making sure I don’t leave.

6. The smile and squeal when you first see us after waking up in the morning.

6 moments I’d like to forget

1. At two weeks old when we took you for a walk and one of our vendor friends reached to touch your cheek and I saw his hands were covered in some kind of skin disease.

2. At one month old when I felt so incompetent as your mom that I wondered if we should put you up for adoption so that someone who knew what they were doing could take care of you.

3. At six weeks old when you coughed non-stop for 30 minutes and I thought you’d never stop and breathe normally.

5 months

4. At three months old when I saw not one, not two, but three mosquitos on your little head.

5. This day, when you were four months old.

6. At five months old when you had the most explosive diaper ever at about 3am just as we were all falling asleep,  jet-lagged and exhausted. Nah… I want to remember that one to tell your wife.

Here comes my first bite of zucchini!

In honor of his 1/2 birthday ( or ‘the big point five’, as my dad said), he had his first solid food today. Zucchini. It was a big hit. Way to go, little veggie eater!

Hmm… tasty!
Sold. No airplane sounds needed.