Calendars are a big deal here. Lots of businesses give them to clients as gifts early in the year, which apparently goes at least until February 3rd.

I was given this one today at the new CityDia. It includes all the important holidays on the Senegalese calendar. Even though the country is about 95% Muslim, a lot of the holidays they observe are Catholic. (Who’s going to turn down a day off from work?)

Ready to mark these down so you can celebrate 2012 Senegalese-style?

January 1: New Year’s Day
January 13: Magal de Touba (pilgrimage to Touba, holy city for the Mouride Islamic brotherhood)
February 5: Maouloud (pilgrimage to Tivaouane, holy city for the Tijani Islamic brotherhood)
February 21: Mardi Gras
February 22: Ash Wednesday
April 4: National holiday
April 8: Easter
April 9: Easter Monday
May 1: Labor Day
May 17: Ascension
May 27: Pentecost
May 28: Pentecost Monday
June 3: Mother’s Day
June 17: Father’s Day


July 20: Ramadan (30 days of fasting) begins
August 15: Assumption of Mary
August 19: Korité (celebrates the end of Ramadan)
August 23: Journée des Tirailleurs (commemorates the Senegalese soldiers who fought in for France in WWI and WWII)
September 25: Naufrage du Diola (commemorates the 1,863 victims of the Diola ship sinking in 2002)
October 26: Tabaski (festival of sacrifice)
November 1: All Saints Day
November 24: Tamkharit (commemorates Imam Hussain’s sacrifice the Battle of Karbala)
December 25: Christmas