We’ve gotten to know our neighbors in a setting that could almost be taken from ancient times…

One day Soxna’s water reservoir ran dry. She sent her house helper across the way to see if their neighbors, foreigners from a faraway land, had any water. The neighbor knew that water was precious commodity in this desert area, so Khady sent buckets of water back with the house helper.

To repay the kindness, Soxna invited Khady’s family to Friday lunch after prayers…

Back in my neck of the Bible belt, ‘Sunday lunch’ conjures up the idea of a family meal after church. The Senegalese equivalent happens on Fridays after prayers at the mosque, usually around 2 or 3 pm. Last Friday we were invited to come eat the meal with Soxna’s family. As family members were arriving, Soxna’s house helper came over with a message inviting us to join them.

Heaping platters of spicy rice, fish, vegetables… shared by all.

Yesterday, the invitation again came after prayers at about 2pm. Unfortunately, Cheikh was with a client and I was in the middle of an editing project, so we bowed out.

The doorbell rang again about 15 minutes later. It was their house helper delivering this beautiful platter of yumminess.


Teranga: Senegalese hospitality and generosity