Let there be DSL!

Bowtie courtesy of Holly

After four months in this apartment, we finally have (our own) internet! No more ‘borrowing’ from the neighbors’ unsecured wifi. This means we now have a good enough connection for Skype video and can show people the apartment. Sign up below. First three to sign up get free tours!


Cheikh is now spending up to an hour a day working on his Spanish. Yes, Spanish. Why, you ask? I guess living in Senegal just isn’t enough of a challenge for him… Seriously, my eyes just about bugged out of my head when he asked me if I wanted to join him in doing a 12-week Spanish class. I’m just now able to get in a shower most days, so tackling another language is not super high on my list of things to take on.

But we’re always saying how hard it is to find things to do together à la date night in Dakar, so here we sit, repeating phrases to each other in Spanish. “Vas a quemar las patatas.” and “¿Estarás libre para almorzar el martes que viene?”*

El biberón

* If you do come for lunch on Tuesday, I’ll make sure Cheikh doesn’t burn the potatoes.

The ol’ grind

Eskimo kisses

I’ve started back with some freelance work. I love working from home. The commute is great, the coffee and snacks are top-notch and my deskmate is pretty cute. He finally started taking good hour-long naps in the Moby wrap, which means I can work while he sleeps. (Or, as in this case, I can blog while he sleeps.)

Fill the pantry party

On the heels of success with the fruit and veggie delivery, I tackled going downtown with two friends to one of the frozen goods stores to buy meat and cheese. It was a lot cheaper than buying at the supermarket. (About $2.40/lb for ground beef, $5.50/lb for boneless, skinless chicken breasts, $6.60/lb for beef steaks, $3.60/lb for mozzarella…)

I also ordered hamburger buns and hummus from Shady Shack, bought all-natural (maybe a little too natural!) peanut butter from a lady who makes it at home and sells it on the street corner and Cheikh bought freshly roasted coffee beans at Cor Coumba.

Next week I’m hoping to order from a local dairy (Wooho – real milk!) and also pick up the 30lbs of whole wheat flour I ordered. Who wants bread?

How you doin’?
Training for the apartment crawl