You can interpret this two ways:

Hot coffee date, as in we went on a date and got hot coffee. Or…

Hot coffee date, as in we went on a coffee date and it was hot out.

Café au lait, 300cfa

Really, both are accurate. The weather has started warming up, but even that can’t quench our thirst for good coffee. So when our friend told us he had found, and I quote, “the world’s best cup of coffee” and it was “Starbucks caliber”… Well, we had to try it. Plus, any excuse for a quick date is a good one.

So we put on our walking shoes, I tied the wee one into the Moby wrap and put on his festive octopus sun hat, and we were off.

The Elton gas station on route de Ouakam

About a mile down the road I got my fix: a 300cfa-cup of café au lait from a Nescafé machine in a gas station. To be honest, it was pretty good. (Or maybe that’s just my ‘there’s not a Starbucks on this continent’ side speaking.) It was a little too sweet for my taste, but so are most coffee drinks in the US. In any case, for 50 cents and having come from a machine in a gas station… it was impressive.

The machine

What can I say? We do what we can for dates in Dakar. (Ideas welcome!)