Take a deep breath of dust...

The advantage to the dusty dry season is its cooler temperatures. The disadvantage is the dust (as seen above). On the flip side, the rainy season brings the clear air, storms, high heat and crazy humidity.

We’re still in the dry season and the first rains aren’t due for about another three months, so I kind of freaked out with excitement when I saw this:

Up to 20% chance of rain!

A friend told me today that the Wolof word for rains during the dry season sounds like, “Ugh.” And apparently that’s the sentiment that goes with it. Farmers leave crops out during the dry season (since it just really never, ever rains during those months), so if it does… that’s bad news. Ugh.

But what I wouldn’t give for a beautiful, rolling thunderstorm right about now. The kind with chilly, fat raindrops that make you run for a sweatshirt and take your cup of coffee out on the porch to soak it in.

However, out of solidarity with the Senegalese farmers (and because I’m 99.9% sure it won’t even happen), I’ll say it too. Rain. Ugh.