It’s been in the mid 60s at night this past week. I’m enjoying every breeze and chill. The neighbors, however, have had their charcoal fire going every evening.

Keeping the home fires burning in the apartment hallway

They let it burn in the hallway, then pull it indoors to heat the apartment once it’s hot coals. Cheikh is already going local by wearing heavy sweaters with his flip-flops. When he comes home with a charcoal heater, I’ll know he’s fully acclimated.

Our wintery week

Speaking of chilly… as of a couple hours ago, we have hot showers again!

After the water pump was installed, the plumber asked for us to keep an eye out for leaks. Smart guy. As you may remember, the hot water tank sprang a leak. Then the toilet in the guest bathroom. Then our toilet felt left out, so it chimed in. Then the floater in the reservoir started acting up.

However, thanks to a great and persistent plumber and we are all three squeaky clean and warm tonight.