Welcome to the trunk!

35.2 pounds. That’s how much produce I bought from the back of a station wagon this afternoon. When Madame Ba and her husband show up every Tuesday and Friday afternoon, I just can’t resist filling my bags. But somehow, we always finish it off before their next visit.

Digging for ginger root among the boxes and bags. Found it!

This is the best time of year for fruit and vegetables. The selection is great and prices are pretty good. How do they compare to prices in your corner of the world?

potatoes: 1000cfa/kilo, or about $1/lb
onions: 400cfa/kilo, or about $.40/lb
cabbage: 800cfa/kilo, or about $.80/lb
corn on the cob: 600cfa/kilo, or about $.60/lb (6 ears)
tomatoes: 800cfa/kilo, or about $.80/lb
cherry tomatoes: 1500cfa/kilo, or about $1.50/lb
zucchini: 800cfa/kilo, or about $.80/lb
carrots: 700cfa/kilo, or about $.70/lb

Weighing my carrots under the acacia tree

grapefruit: 700cfa/kilo, or about $.70/lb
pears: 1500cfa/kilo, or about $1.50/lb
apples: 1200cfa/kilo, or about $1.20/lb
melon: 1500cfa/kilo, or about $1.50/lb
bananas: 700cfa/kilo, or about $.70/lb
mangoes from Mali: 800cfa/kilo, or about $.80/lb
avocados: 1000cfa/kilo, or about $1.00/lb

Easier to reach the lettuce from the backseat

2 ginger roots: 500cfa, or about $1
3 heads of green lettuce: 500cfa, or about $1
handful of limes: 500cfa, or about $1
hot peppers from Burkina Faso: 200cfa,or about $.40
5 heads of garlic: 500cfa, or about $1

Plus two big fistfuls of cilantro, two bundles of tarragon and some green onions… my gift for spending $32 on produce this afternoon!

Also free was the little lesson on how to handle the hot peppers. When I asked if she had any, she laughed and said, “I do, but you don’t want them. They’re too hot for you.” But she proceeded to carefully place about eight of them in a plastic bag, holding them by their little stems, as she explained how to slice them without getting the juices on my skin.

Just pile it all into my (two) Monoprix bags!