…did a load of laundry all by myself. Cheikh will be so proud. Although hopefully not too happy about it. I rather like our arrangement whereby the laundry is one of his things.


We’ve had a pile of bébé clothes waiting to be donated to the children’s home where Cheikh volunteers. As they sat, well they didn’t get less dusty. So I broke down and plugged in the washer (unplugged to protect from power surges), turned on the water, selected ‘rapide’ and ‘essorage 400’, added soap powder, shoved in the little clothes and slammed it shut. A half-hour later I was hanging them on the line to dry.

…asked for advice regarding beggars coming to our door. Such a fine line between giving generously (which we can afford here) and getting taken advantage of. There’s a culturally appropriate way to give, so we are trying to learn more about that so we can be ‘better givers’.


…bought a record low from the veggie lady. Two grapefruit, two little melons, three mangoes and two pounds if green beans. That’s 4100cfa (about $9) well spent. Especially since I didn’t have the 100cfa (Look at me! So local.) and she gave me a handful of limes as a gift.

…sorted through Pape’s clothes. His little dresser is now filled with nine-month clothes. Apparently this is the age where the sweet pale blues and soft yellows get replaced by vibrant reds and greens with truck/car/tractor motifs. Not sure how I feel about this transition.


…called a woman who is listed in my phone with the last name ‘Butter’ and first name ‘Peanut’. I wanted to be sure she’s selling at the little market before tying Pape on and walking down to restock. I called. Her sister answered and recognized my voice. “Madame Diop?” Yes, it’s me. Apparently not that many women call you speaking Wolof with a toubab accent, eh?