Today we went to the westernmost tip of Africa, again for the the first time.

The very, very westernmost tip of Africa. On a dust storm day.
So if this is the African continent…
…here we are.

Let me explain. Many, many times we have been to a restaurant called Le Récife, which we thought was on the westernmost tip of Africa. We’ve posed for pictures by the rocks and waved to America from the sandy edge.

But apparently that was just the westernmost point that was open to the public. As we learned yesterday, the actual westernmost tip is on the property belonging to the former Club Med resort and, believe it or not, we weren’t members so had never been.

Windblown hair is over-rated. But here we are! Looking very western, eh?

That property is now owned by another hotel (and looks very promising as an in-town get-away, btw). And if you walk up to the security gate and ask to be let in to take a look, they let you. Or at least they did for our crew of four + two babies on our walk through Les Almadies neighborhood yesterday afternoon.

So, visit the westernmost tip of Africa… re-check that one off the list.

Thrilled to be along for the ride(s).

Now we are faced with a bit of a challenge. ‘Go for a long a walk through Les Almadies’ was on our list of possible things to do on Tuesday, which is a holiday here. (Labor Day, in case you were wondering.) Actually, it was the only item on our list of things we could do that day. Since we bumped that rip-roaring activity up a few days, now we are left with a wide open day tomorrow and nothing particularly interesting to fill it.

Any suggestions, Dakar buddies? We haven’t done much on the Petite Corniche side of downtown. Any places we should go discover or you know, discover again for the first time?

Surfer’s corner of Les Almadies
Our adventure buddies
Pape wanted to try after watching this guy.
Surfer’s corner of Les Almadies