Take Me To See My Dad at Work Day


My arrival at the medical complex. The view was nice, but apparently they forgot to roll out my red carpet.


Right this way…


Here we go…


Yes, I’m here to see my Dad. His name is right there…


What do you think it is, Dad? Will I ever play the violin again?


Not every patient gets tickles…


Or zerberts!


What do you mean you have ‘real patients to see now?! What am I? Chopped liver?

Oh, that reminds me… My liver’s been acting up. Guess you’ll have to make a house call, Dad!

4 Responses

  1. Such a cute blog post! And such a cute baby! Hey, I saw the babies’ daddies’ name in blue but I had to enlarge the picture. Bet he’s the best doctor there!!!


  2. Love it! & we love zerberts in our house, too!


  3. So. CUTE.


  4. Exciting for this mom to see her son’s name and title posted in the clinic! And of course, Alec should get special treatment from his Osteopathe! Thanks for this post, Kari.


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