A new member of the family

About three days after Pape was born, people started asking us if/when we’d make him a big brother. Depending on the day, we responded with either death stares or very eloquent phrasings like, “Umm… Well, uhh…” Lately though, we’ve been treading gently into ‘maybe’ turf.

And it’s a good thing, because our little fam just grew by one.


This is my brother from another mother.

We arrived in Budapest two days ago. Waiting for us at my parents’ house, among many other things, was a little guy named Abdou. (Full name: Abdoulaye Ndiaye)


Mimi, have you met Abdou?

We plopped Pape on the bed to see what his reaction would be. He first picked up a giraffe rattle and shook it a bit, but then his eyes fell on Abdou. He froze for a second, then LUNGED for him with a huge grin! He was beyond thrilled with Abdou. It was hysterical to watch them get acquainted.


Shhh… Naptime.

You may be surprised to know that Abdou is actually from Sweden, a little village called Ikea.


Playtime with GrandGlenn


Abdou, you need to learn to sit up on your own so you can play better.


Big hug!

6 Responses

  1. nice to see we aren’t the only family that will soon be brightly colored! i just hope my kids don’t chew on their new sibling quite as much as Alec chews on his! :)


  2. Nice and interesting blog :)


  3. So sweet. And I see Alec’s hair!


  4. HIs grandaddy can give Alec lessions on how to fill your bed with your stuffed friends and still mannage to get in to sleep.


  5. I love his new friend! I think my girls need one just like that! Nice to know it’s as easy as Ikea. Glad your getting a little family time too. Have a great visit!


  6. What cute pictures! Alec is so cute and glad he has a playmate in Abdou! I just saw Glenn and Cile on Sunday at church. So glad you all had time together! I love hearing of your journey! Keeping you in prayer.


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