Most jól jönne egy csésze kávé!

The Parliament building from the Chain Bridge

In our family, a good day is made by mixing lots of good coffee, wandering for miles around a city and probably some ice cream along the way.

The family that drinks together… espresso, latte and bébé’s bottle.

Today we left my parents’ house at around 11am and made it back around 5pm. There was plenty of coffee (Dad’s special brew and also a coffee shop along the Danube River). Lots of walking! And homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream waiting for me when we got home.

So yeah, we had a great day here in Budapest. :)


Walking towards St Stephen’s Basilica

Just in case you ever need it, here’s a crash course in Hungarian for coffee-lovers:

kavé – coffee
kávéház – coffee house
eszpresszó – espresso
feketekávé – black coffee
tejeskávé – coffee with milk
kávészünet – coffee break

Most jól jönne egy csésze kávé! – I could go for a coffee!

Vienna mélange: espresso, steamed milk and honey


With Mimi

Lion on the Chain Bridge

Relaxing when we got home!

With GrandGlenn

Reading with Dad

7 Responses

  1. Cile looks so joyous to be holding her precious grandson. I absolutely know that joy! I’m delighted for you, Cile.


  2. So glad you got home. We sure enjoy your post over the past over the past few months. Take care and G bless.


  3. your mom looks practically GIDDY to have her grandbaby with her! and alec has SO MANY TEETH! dang. love it, so glad you’re enjoying time with your fam.


  4. I love how relaxed you look in that picture, Kari. Especially while Alec is trying to eat your face :) Can’t believe how big he’s getting!


  5. That is the most adoarable picture of you and Alec where he’s trying to smother you with kisses. Toooo cute!


  6. The one with Cile where Alec looks like he’d been run over by a MACK truck or else he was just going to sleep or just waking up from a nap, but it’s darling. I think he’s reading to his Dad instead of the other way around! With Glen he seems to be enjoying all those hugs and attention. AND that mouth full of teeth, I didn’t know he had so many, I don’t recall you blogging that he had ANY! Your blogs are so interesting and humorous. Pop loves to read them, too!


  7. […] tickets to Budapest – […]


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