Oh, how I’ve missed you!

Rain drops
Shopping malls
Picking strawberries
Clothes dried in a dryer
Grocery store meat sections that don’t smell like meat
Grape vines

Homemade ice cream
Clean public bathrooms with changing tables
Sweet tea
Rain clouds

Rain showers
Clean air
Hills and rivers
Cherry trees
Mounds cake
Dad’s coffee

Scent of honeysuckle
Scent of roses
Scent of evergreens
Scent of anything that’s not dust, exhaust, incense or trash burning
Fast internet
Walking on grass

Kids playing in parks
Coffee shops
Wearing shorts
Multigrain Cheerios with real milk

A clear horizon line
Mom’s cooking
Park benches
Sleeping under blankets
Green leaves
Rain chasing us indoors

(Seriously. It could rain every day and I wouldn’t complain one bit!)

10 Responses

  1. In your travels did you ever meet missionaries named Carol and Steve Smith? They served in the Ivory Coast.


  2. You’re welcome here in London anytime. I am sure you’ll get enough rain ; )


  3. Reading through this list made me so happy! Glad you were able to enjoy them.


  4. Hot showers anytime you want one. I STILL appreciate that. Oh, and the meat section comment made me laugh. I forgot how “meaty” the grocery stores smelled!


  5. So glad you’re having a good respite.


  6. It is true: Simple pleasures are the best.


  7. Thanks for the list for your next visit. I will print this off and have as much as I can ready and waiting.


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