Travel review: Mimi & GrandGlenn’s

I’ve found a great little place to visit! It’s called ‘Mimi & GrandGlenn’s’.

The cuisine was excellent. My compliments to the chef!

And of course there was good coffee… even if SOMEONE didn’t want to share!

I did give some pointers on rearranging the kitchen and pantry…

… and the bathroom.

Ooh! The good stuff. 2-ply. My favorite.

The salon looked nice, so I got a new ‘do.

We went on some fun outings.

My horse was plaid with glasses.

We went for a walk in the park along the river.

Beautiful views and scenery, and yet I was the center of attention.

Up high!

Down low!

In the middle!

And up high again!!

They plumb wore me out.

All around, it was a great little place to visit. I’d definitely go back. Say… Christmas?

8 Responses

  1. He is such a beautiful little boy…yes, beautiful!!!


  2. I love that kid – too adorable. Thanks for posting the pictures – they are great!


  3. “Center of attention”, just as it should be! I know Mimi and GrandGlenn loved handing out all of that attention.


  4. So thankful and happy for your time with Glenn and Cile. I love the photos and the captions. Another enjoyable post. Thanks, Kari.


  5. These pics are so darn cute, makes me want to squeeze him to pieces (that’s love pieces)! His smile is so catching.


  6. What a doll :) Love your captions!


  7. Did I see HAIR in a couple of those pictures?!? Loved all the pics and comments. Thanks.


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