I’ve found a great little place to visit! It’s called ‘Mimi & GrandGlenn’s’.
The cuisine was excellent. My compliments to the chef!
And of course there was good coffee… even if SOMEONE didn’t want to share!
I did give some pointers on rearranging the kitchen and pantry…
… and the bathroom.
Ooh! The good stuff. 2-ply. My favorite.
The salon looked nice, so I got a new ‘do.
We went on some fun outings.
My horse was plaid with glasses.
We went for a walk in the park along the river.
Beautiful views and scenery, and yet I was the center of attention.
Up high!
Down low!
In the middle!
And up high again!!
They plumb wore me out.
All around, it was a great little place to visit. I’d definitely go back. Say… Christmas?