I started packing our bags to go home to Dakar this morning. We’re not leaving yet, but the wee one has done a rockstar job of trashing the hotel room, leaving traces of formula powder on the nightstand and pulls one item out of the suitcase for every two I put in. So starting early was a neessary part of the plan.

Mixed emotions floating around about going back…

The break and time away has been wonderful, but we’re ready for our ‘normal’ life again. (Whatever that is!)

Not looking forward to hot season blasting us with its arrival. In the good news column, we’ve seen to news articles saying the electricity cuts shouldn’t be as bad this year. (But I also just saw a Facebook status update about a 20-hour cut!)

Oh well. That’s another day’s problem. For now, Cheikh has gone into the old part of the city to explore. We’re going to hit the sunblock, then this…