The veggie lady, Madame Ba. Isn’t she beautiful?

When playing the game ‘I spy’, your best bet is to try to look at the scene through another’s eyes. What is it that they’ve seen? What caught their eye?

This week with my in-laws here has been like a giant game of ‘I spy’. Through their eyes (and ears and noses!) we are experiencing Senegal again for the first time.

Horse carts cruising down the road

My MIL is an amazing photographer, and credit for these shots goes to her eye and lens. She’s ‘spying’ some really cool stuff that makes us step back and remember what it was like for all of this to be new and unfamiliar.

Women walking home from the mosque

It does still crack me up though when occasionally someone will ask, “What’s that smell?” Well, it could be incense, trash burning, ceebu jenn cooking, a fish vendor walking past, the frangipani blooms…

Framed by the Flamboyant tree

And to answer, “What’s that sound?” I could reply, “The trash truck honking to let people know it’s coming through, the donkeys out back, women pounding herbs into paste, a soccer team chanting as they run, goats…”

Vendor selling cleaning supplies along the road

I still have moments of shock when I can’ believe my mother-in-law is actually here in Dakar, sitting in my living room, playing with Pape. Thankfully… it’s good shock. 🙂

A Laughing Dove

The first week has flown by and we’ve shared lots of ‘firsts’ with them. First Senegalese meal (thiou au poisson), first taxi ride (to the children’s home), first ocean road walk, first street food (bag of bissap), first tummy ache… 😉

Dakar’s version of Starbucks