Walking around the narrow paths on the island

You know it’s starting to warm up when you jump at the chance to go to the beach ‘because it’s not too hot today’.

Spending time at N’gor Island is one of our favorite things to do in Dakar. It’s easy to get to, relaxing, pretty and usually pretty clean and calm. On weekends and during the summer, the beach areas are a bit more crowded… but that’s okay. We usually go for walking around the island and some good (inexpensive) food.

Dakar, from N’gor Island

Once you walk a block inland, you’ll already have forgotten the couple hundred people on the beach. You might pass the occasional vendor or other walkers, but for the most part the winding paths are empty and quiet – a special treat for those of us who live in Dakar.

The boat ride over. Pape is an old pro now.

The island is not big, so you’ll have made the loop before your feet get tired. The new restaurant off the main beach is called Sunu Makane – Chez Seck. If you tell the guys selling boat tickets that’s where you’re headed, they’ll put you on the nicer motorboats rather than the big pirogue for the ride over. (Same price – 500 cfa, about $1, roundtrip.)

Also pretty good at riding on Dad’s shoulders.

The food is fresh and good, the service is friendly and fairly quick and the prices are great. We had two plates of yassa ginaar (marinated chicken with caramelized onion sauce over rice), one plate of yassa poisson (the same sauce, but with a whole grilled fish), one plate of sautéed shrimp and fries and two bottles of water for just under 15,000cfa (about $30).

A fisherman near the shore, selling very freshly caught thiof and lotte.

Obviously, taking my in-laws there as part of their Tour de Sénégal was really cool. But the added chunk of mango on top was that we went on a Monday. It’s so quick to get out there and back that we decided not to wait for a weekend – and also avoid some of the crowds. Mission accomplished.

And to be re-accomplished soon. Who wants to come?

Our tour guide
N’gor village, as seen from N’gor Island
What’ll it be? Yassa, brochettes or fillets? Fish, chicken, beef or shrimp? Grilled, sautéed in garlic or provençale tomato sauce? Rice or fries?
I’ll have this delicious placemat to chew on.
Yum! Eight thumbs up + two tiny thumbs up.
The bill: 14,500 cfa… about $30.