Delivery from Dakar’s best Turkish restaurant.

Power has been out all morning, so no opening the fridge and no microwave to heat lunch anyway. So I decided to try out a one of our favorite restaurant’s delivery service.

Me: Asalam malecum. I’d like to order lunch for delivery, please.
Her: Okay, no problem. Just a minute… MAMADOU! MAMADOU! COME HERE!

Him: Allo?
Me: Asalam malecum. I’d like to order lunch for delivery, please.
Him: Okay, no problem. Where are you?
Me: (I tell him our neighborhood.)
Him: Okay, no problem. See you soon… You already ordered, right?
Me: No, not yet.
Him: Oh. What do you want?
Me: I’d like two orders of fatayers viande.
Him: We don’t make those.
Me: Your take-out menu says you do.
Him: Oh… Aïcha, we don’t have fatayers viande, do we? Ah… Yes, we have them.

Fatayers viande, about 1-2 inch squares

Me: Okay, so two orders of fatayers viande and two orders of pastels.
Him: What kind?
Me: I don’t know. The take-out menu just says ‘pastels‘.
Him: Hold on… AICHA!

Her: Allo?
Me: Yes, I’d like two fatayers viande and two pastels with fish.
Her: We don’t have any pastels today.
Me: Okay then. Three orders of fatayers viande. Do you have onion sauce?
Her: No, not for the fatayers. But they come with a little salad.
Me: Okay that’s fine. Three orders of fatayers for delivery. Do you want the address now?
Her: Yes… MAMADOU!

Him: Allo?
Me: Do you want the address?
Him: Yes.
Me: (I give directions that include the phrases ‘behind the mosque’ and ‘before the speed bump’.)
Him: What floor?
Me: Top floor. But you can call me from the parking lot and I’ll come down.
Him: No, no madame. I’ll bring it up. After all, it’s part of our delivery service.

A very quick 25 minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. Three small platters, each with four small, warm fatayers viande with side salads. Perfect lunch delivery for 5,000cfa, around $10.

Lunch receipt