You just never know when an afternoon will open up and you decide to make your own bed canopy out of mosquito nets or etch your family crest onto a glass bowl. (What does the Diop family crest look like, anyway?) These are just a few reasons why I’m making sure I spend plenty of time on Pinterest adding to a board called ‘Crafty, just my type’.

One reoccurring project on this board of Do-It-Yourselfs is upcycling t-shirts into something cool: a ruffled top, a cute skirt, an eternity scarf… And the pictures prove that it’s super easy and quick to do, right?

All I needed were t-shirts.

So when Cheikh suggested taking his mom to Monday’s shake-n-sell market, I asked him to pick me up a couple t-shirts.

Him: What kind?
Me: Just regular t-shirts. Men’s.
Him: What size?
Me: Whatever. Large is fine.
Him: What colors?
Me: I don’t care. Really, whatever you get is fine.
Him: So just any old t-shirts?
Me: Yeah, I mean no bleach stains or anything, but yeah… Any t-shirts you get will be fine.

Oh, how I wish I could rewind that conversation to specify a few minor details.

But I can’t.

So I will have to wear my bright green Chuck Norris ruffled top with pride… Once an afternoon opens up, of course.


This pinteresting post is dedicated to my friend Lauren.