Congratulate myself on having put Pape down for a nap and gathered manicure supplies in time to multi-task while on a Skype call for work that starts… ring, ring!… now.

Hmm… What’s the ratio of sugar to lotion supposed to be for this DIY exfoliant scrub? I’m on the call now, so too late to go grab more lotion. Oh well, here we go!

Phone call going well. Talk, talk, talk… Manicure coming along. Scrub, scrub, scrub…

Uh oh. I hear a little voice calling from the wilderness of the back bedroom.

Little voice escalates. I attempt to wipe the sugar-lotion mix off my hands without much success. Wrap a hand towel around the edge of my laptop as I walk back to get Pape. Walk and talk, walk and talk…

Congratulate myself on having pulled that little maneuver off so smoo– Pape, no! Sugar everywhere. He looks very proud of himself, all sparkling in the sunlight.

9:35 to 9:57am

Doorbell rings! Carry laptop to the door, unlock all four locks, greet-Dorothée-ask-her-to-give-Pape-a-bath-please-and-thank-you. She looks shell-shocked. Then she sees Pape in his twinkling glory and with a huge grin, headed right for her.

Finish Skype call. Relieve Dorothée of Pape-duty. He lunges into my arms like he hasn’t seen me in years, hugs my neck, then immediately lunges back towards her. (Not sure which one of us is the ‘other woman’.)

Give Pape a bottle while admiring my manicure. See that he still has a little sugar glittering in his ear.