Step into my shoes. I took this picture just minutes ago, on a calm Sunday afternoon. A suprisingly cool breeze is blowing off the ocean, chasing away the hot, mugginess and bringing the sound of waves crashing with it.

For the first time in…well, a long time, it’s cool enough for an afternoon coffee on the balcony. And from there, you can hear…


…these two playing tickle wars. (More like ‘big one attacks little one with tickles and little one giggles hysterically’.)

The power is on.

The water is on.

There’s a fresh bag of Oreos in the kitchen, making its way towards me.

I just bought new music and it’s playing in the background.

The day is great by every definition – almost too good to be true. But considering the week we’ve just come out of, it feels like actual piece of heaven, crafted and given to me. I am savouring every minute. And every milk-dunked Oreo crumb.