Reconnecting with Al Ousseynou

We moved from one side of Dakar to another when Pape was about three months old. So for nearly a year I worked my way up to a waddle and then to carrying a tiny bundle up and down the street that we lived on. Along that street is a series of vendors. Fruit, veggies, cookies, soccer balls, cloth… the usual.

Our favorite fruit stand

We were back on that side of town last week, so took Pape out for a stroll down memory lane. Well, that was one reason. The other reason was that Cheikh wanted to buy 5 kilos (that’s 11 pounds) of mangoes from our favorite vendor, Al Ousseynou.

Al Ousseynou taking (a very photogenic) Pape down to the next stands

We bought so many mangoes from Al Ousseynou last year that Cheikh worked out a deal: for every 10 kilos we bought, we got 1 free. Yeah. We ate eat a LOT of mangoes.

Visiting with Mama Diouf, checking out baby Viviane, asking her to share some of her hair…
Boubacar and (again, very camera-happy) Pape