Guaranteed to help you drop those last pesky pounds that the amoeba/malaria/worms didn’t quite get!

Step 1
Wait for Senelec to provide a nice, long power cut. Preferably ten hours or more. Oh good – here’s one now…

Step 2
Begin sweating from lack of AC and/or fans.

Step 3
Drink some water.


Step 4
Use your core muscles to turn yourself away from opening the fridge or freezer in order to preserve your food during the power cut.

Step 5
Chug some more water.

Step 6
Fan yourself with a magazine to cool off. No, not like a girly girl. Put some muscle into it!

Step 7
Pace the kitchen trying to find something to eat that does not require opening the fridge or freezer or using the microwave.

20120731-132712.jpg 20120731-132720.jpg 20120731-132725.jpg

Step 8
Give up and just chug some more water.

Step 9
Throw yourself on the bed (or floor) repeatedly as you moan and gripe about hot season and why on earth the improvements to Senegal’s electricity coming from the $85 million World Bank loan haven’t kicked in yet.

Step 10
Jump up and down with joy when the power finally comes back on!!