Sometimes things look a little different over here. Our drinking water, for example, comes out of a bright blue double-bucket filter rather than the tap. Our clean clothes dry on a line in a three-walled laundry room that overlooks an equestrian center. Our dishwasher has a heartbeat.

How about this? Can you tell what it is?


You can probably figure out that it’s a highly sophisticated, yet simple, way to keep the bathroom door open. With the winds we have coming off the ocean, our doors often slam. Or SLAM! rather.

We tried doorstops, but many of the doors are a bit, um, irregular in size so (Slam! Slam!) that didn’t work. Then we tried using our big jugs of reserve water to block the doors, but a certain someone is now capable of pushing a 10-liter jug (22 lbs!) around by arching his chubby belly and using his legs. (Slam! Slam!)

Then one day I walked into the bathroom and saw it. A piece of twine and a spare sink stopper, screwed into the wall and then wrapped and tied onto the door handle. Brilliant. Easy to do/undo… and out of little one’s reach.

It’s beautiful in its simplicity and effectiveness, but even moreso because I know he was thinking of me when he came up with it.