We moved into our apartment last November. Early November. So we’ve lived here over nine months. In that time we’ve repaired, upgraded, re-repaired, furnished and even done some rather serious decorating. But there was one glaring item left on the to-do list: buy dining table chairs.

Our table is a huge slab of dense, super-heavy hardwood from Côte d’Ivoire, where I grew up. But its accompanying chairs have not survived. So we made do with two folding wooden chairs for the two of us, borrowed chairs from Ed & Julie while we had guests for a month plus, and have also been known to sit on footstools or pull up an osteopathic table to use as a bench seat around the dining room table. Classy. That’s us.

About two weeks ago, we finally decided on a style and ordered some chairs. Cheikh had gotten quotes from iron workers around the city and a guy up the street seemed reasonable (and convenient) so we took the plunge.


Ten days later… voilà! Cheikh carried four wrought iron chairs up to our apartment. The building guardian helped him carry them. (Those suckers are heavy!)

As they were coming up the stairs, the guardian mentioned how nice the chairs were. Good quality, durable, would last many years… He paused thoughtfully and then happily said, “You must plan to live here a while!”

Yes, my friend. We plan on sticking around. How you got that from our chairs rather than all the other stuff we’ve hauled up here, I’m not quite sure. But yes, we’re in this for the long haul, inchAllah.