The fam

We just got back from a Test Vacation. We weren’t so much testing the town or the resort or its amenities. No, we were testing the idea of vacationing as two FWaTs. That’s ‘Families With (almost) Toddlers’.

Sometimes having another couple along who is in the same place in life is awesome. You have the same priorities, schedules and energy levels, plus you can share a diaper bag. (For the babies! We’re not at THAT place in life yet.) But sometimes, it feels like you have twice as many crying little ones. So we weren’t sure how this would work out, but Ed & Julie were up to give it a try… so off to Saly we went!

Very happy to have Dad back from Mali!
Pape and his BFF
Right in front of where we stayed
The fam
Ah-mazing sunset. And it lasted for what seemed like forever!
At the pool with Dad
With Julie… the one who helps me relax when it comes to toddlers eating cookies and drinking bissap.
Walking the beach between beautiful thunderstorms
Apéritif before dinner. He’s so French. (And apparently loves olives.)
The Test Vacation Victims
Making up for lost time
Soccer on the beach at sunset (or, you know, any time of day)
Speaking of his being so French… Bébé in a Speedo. Ooh là là!
Never fear. He has American-style poolwear too.
*** We interrupt these adorable baby pics to bring you this very important photo of a guy in the rain, cleaning the pool while wearing a witch’s hat from a Halloween costume to stay dry.
We now return to our regularly scheduled post on the Test Vacation. ***
Coffee on the terrace during a drizzle
The fam
Sundown after bath o’clock is THE best time for playing in the sand.
But during the day when dressed for it… ick. Sand.
Best buds, sharing breakfast
Woohoo! We passed the Test Vacation! Where to next? (Um… assuming Ed & Julie think we passed too.)