Umbrella by the beach

Last Sunday we needed to get away from the power cuts and wanted a distraction from the muggy heat. (If we ever stop loving the beach and good mangoes, we’re in trouble!) So we called some friends and invited them to try out a spot we’d heard about from Rachael and Kristine.

It’s official. We have a new favorite get-away in Dakar: la cabane du surfer in the Almadies neighborhood.

Gotta love glass bottles… and ice!
Hanging out with Matt and Amberly in our little… whatever you call a circular stone/cement structure that contains a plastic table and chairs and sun umbrella. Beach pod?
Sweet sisters hanging out on the rocks
Surfers heading out to wait for the big ones
Going for an older woman. (He obviously learned this from Uncle Chris.)
Surfers waiting
Caught one!
The girls exploring the rocks and sea-water puddles
Enjoying the moment
Such a big kid.
Sunset at Les Almadies
Just in case you imagined these scenes above were quiet… Re-imagine them with live music from a wandering group of baye-fall musicians!
Sun going down on a great evening