As a freelancer, my ‘day job’ varies from day to day and job to job. Sometimes I’m ghostwriting or doing other behind-the-scenes consulting work that will never have my name printed on it. Other times, I can shout from the rooftop (if I weren’t afraid of heights) what I’m working on.

This one’s a rooftopper!

It’s finished! (And yes, Mom, I’ll autograph your copy.)

When we were first married, we spent six years in France. And for six years we lived and learned France. I can’t tell you how much I wish we could have owned a copy of Eating and Shopping in France then – or even had copies to give to people who came to visit us! (You guys probably wish that too, eh?)

I also got to put on my photographer’s beret for this project.

The French of way life, and food in particular, is about the experience. Enjoying cafés, boulangeries and markets are a great start – but even those can be appreciated more fully if you know what to expect, what to say, how to interact and how to make the most of them. That’s exactly what this book is about.

After working with Pam for five years on various projects, I was thrilled when she asked me to work with her on this book – an idea that had been bouncing around and was finally ready to see daylight. So I put on my managing editor’s hat, pulled in a great team (rooftop shout-out to Stephanie, Christine, Garth, JM, Erin, Alison…) and we got to work.

Rooftop news!

You know how they say that if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life? Pam and I didn’t ‘work’ on this book. The photos, insights, cultural tips… it was more like an awesome hobby that I now get to hold in my hands and flip through. Or tap the screen. (The Kindle Fire version has lending enabled, btw.)

Anyway, this blog is about as close to high on the rooftop shouting as I get. So here’s the scoop…

Title : Eating and Shopping in France
ISBN : 9791091624008
100 pages + audio CD

As for my current day job, well let’s just say I’m ‘not working’ on the second book in the series!