Shh… the master artist is at work.

We all know college tuition is on the rise, and it wasn’t exactly cheap back in our day. So we’ve decided it’s time to step up the savings for Pape’s education. Fortunately, this decision coincides perfectly with the discovery of his artistic talent. Senegal Daily is proud to present Pape’s very first art auction. All are welcome to bid in the comments below.

Pencil on (important) paper

First up, a pencil drawing on what appears to be on ordinary paper. The wise buyer would do well to request to see the other side of the paper as it contains something rather priceless… Mom’s production chart for book number 2. That little corner torn off, with informative scribbles never to be found again, only adds to its charm. We’ll start the bidding at $5, seeing as setting up the printer to reprint this page is a hassle.

Mashed food on tray

Next we have one of his earliest art forms, mashed zucchini and carrots on feeding tray. The concept is not very original, but what he does with the textures is quite remarkable, don’t you think? Bidding starts at… oh, wait. This one was been destroyed by Dad with a sponge. Hmmph. Some artists truly aren’t recognized in their time.

Chubby crayon on rug

This is one of my favorites. I interviewed Pape on this particular piece. It appears to be green chubby crayon on brown rug. He explained that it represents the heavy rains Senegal has experienced and the bright splashes of new life exploding in the barren desert lands. Obviously, considering the depth of the piece (and cost the to clean the canvas), bidding starts at $50.

Dirty footprints on wall

Up next, a simple collection of dirty footprints on a freshly painted wall. Bidding begins at $1500 and includes your roundtrip airfare to come visit your new masterpiece that hangs on is the nursery wall.

Chubby crayon on sofa cushion

Here we have another green crayon work. This one features a sofa cushion canvas and accompanying drool stain. Two for the price of one. Bidding starts at $100 + the cost of new upholstery fabric.

Pen, ink and toddler

My personal favorite, this last piece is sure to please the grandparents. It was done during a recent ink pen phase and includes pen, ink and toddler. Good luck getting it to stay still while you frame it.

Bidding is open, ladies and gentlemen.