6 doctor house-calls here this month
1 flu + 2 stomach bugs + 2 colds + 1 busted cheek

The coffee table bit him.

7 friends who called or emailed this week, just to check on us
5 loads of sick-toddler-laundry yesterday
12 readings of ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?’ (with voices)
1 sofa cushion drying on the balcony (don’t ask)
5 trips to the pharmacy this week
24 hours/day the wonderful pharmacist said we could call her cell number
1 batch of homemade chicken soup

Butter me up.

19 days until Book Two goes to printer
1 me who de-stresses by baking
1 him who enjoys eating
2 loaves of whole wheat bread cooling
1 kilo of beets roasting
3 of us not roasting, thanks to new AC!
1 pie I accidentally made with butternut

The traditional ‘I can’t believe it’s not pumpkin’ pie

104 degrees – the ‘real feel’ temp outside
1 crazy weather website that describes today as ‘Sunny and pleasant’
4 more weeks of hot season
13 days since the last power cut!