Tonight we took home the prize for Best Costume! (Did we actually win or did we forget to vote and therefore the prize just stayed in my purse? I don’t really see how that’s relevant.)

And we are… a medical missionary in Africa and his fam!

What is important is the amazing creativity and attention to detail that went into this shindig, especially considering we only started planning and texting people about it this afternoon. (And considering the chosen hosts didn’t even get the texts! Surprise!)

The “Senegalese soccer team” has arrived!

Truly, it was impressive. Even the guys gave it 110%.

I was hoping to twist Chiekh’s arm into carrying a prop or two that would be his ‘costume’, but he went. All. Out. He walked in wearing scrubs, with a rechargeable headlight, phone holster, travel wallet, language phrasebook, Vermoxx deworming pills… the perfect costume, topped off by the ‘Baptist part’ in his hair. The whole ensemble went well with my tie-dyed jumper, sports sandals, baby on my hip and adopted ‘Abdou’ on my back. (And yes – those are bine bines around my neck. If you get it, you get it.)

I love the tough, unsmiling soccer players.
Shawn & Jenn… missionaries ready for a (Bandia) safari! I’ve never seen Jenn without her signature nail polishes and big earrings. And fortunately… I’ve never seen Shawn in the Crocs & Socks/
Carrying our adopted child, standing next to Julie-the-Peace-Corps-Volunteer. (Her empty liquor bottle prop was inside.)
Welcome, missionary volunteers! (Nice camel back and caps.) 
Beautiful feet, y’all. Chacos & TDJs.