Dear Pinteresters in Senegal,

Go to town.

Sincerely, Khady 🙂

Senegal tip: When you start using a Kirène bottle for filtered water storage, label it with the date in Sharpie. That way when you go to replace them, you’ll know which ones are oldest.
Senegal tip: Use these six cookbooks to help overcome the challenges of cooking here, and also discover new ingredients. (Click the image for the link.)
Senegal tip: Put the stopper in drains at night to keep those nasty water bugs out of your bathroom.
Senegal tip: A guide to Dakar breads
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Senegal tip: To make a cushioned play area, buy one large woven mat (natte) and one large foam mattress (mousse).
The mat will be slightly longer, so you can fold the ends under and make a quick stitch to hold it in place.
Senegal tip: Tried and true methods for staying cool, even during these last miserable days of hot season!
Senegal tip: What you need to know for taking taxis in Dakar
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Senegal tip: The how-tos of bucket baths
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Senegal tips: 10 things to know about mangoes
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Senegal tip: To keep linens fresh during rainy season when you don’t have a dryer, layer dryer sheets between linens in the closet.
Senegal tip: Fill any empty space in your fridge/freezer with Kirène bottles filled 3/4 full with water. The chilled/frozen water will help keep things colder during power cuts.
Senegal tip: Keep small bags of peanuts or small powdered milk packets in your car and purse to give as handy, nutritious gifts for talibé children.
Senegal tip: To keep doors from slamming… you’ll have to ask my husband. I have no idea how he came up with this. But it works!