In actual fact, the title of this post should be ‘15.5’ since you’re closer to 16 months than 15 now. But by calling it 15, I don’t feel as behind on tracking your little life. So what’s new since month 13?

Welcome to the world of bi-peds! You started walking at about 14 months… and haven’t looked back since. You. Are. All. Over. The. Place. You’re very steady on your feet, but usually running around so fast that you look a little bobbly. Hands waving, feet just a-goin’. That’s you.

We’ve started doing some arts & crafts recently. Crayons, watercolors, play-dough, shaving cream painting, chalkboard, clay handprints, fingerpaints in the tub… Whatever Pinterest lists as good activities for 18-month-olds. I know. You’re advanced. What can I say?

Your creative side could come from either of us (or your Grandpa Kevin), but we’re pretty sure your dance moves come from me. You love to dance. And by ‘dance’ I mean squat-bounce, wave your pudgy hands in the air, throw your little head back and sway until you lose your balance. Repeat, throwing in a little clapping, then repeat again.

Happy baby.

That’s what people say about you. Along with ‘so social’ and ‘so friendly’. (And maybe a ‘so strong’ if they are victim to one of your arm flailings or kicks.)

It’s true. You love people – even strangers. We were walking past the President’s guards one day and one of them smiled at you. (It’s awesome having a baby in a culture that loves babies.) You took his smile as an invitation and lunged towards this man in uniform with combat boots and a rifle over his shoulder. He felt badly tht he couldn’t hold you because he was on duty, and you were just crushed by his ‘rejection’.

You’ve started to recognize our friends and can spot Shawn in a crowd. Not that spotting Shawn is hard, but it cracks me up that in a gym full of teenage girls, moms and grandmothers who would love to hold you each Sunday morning, you bee-lined it for the biggest, scariest looking guy in the place and wrapped your arms around his leg.

Your little vocab is, well, still little. You say a couple words and communicate the rest in grunts and points, and then with more insistent grunts and points. You’ve also added ‘woof’ to your acquired vocab and say it when you see a dog.

Just this week I’ve realized you understand more words than I thought. Book, ball, phone, nose, shoes… (You love wearing shoes. You get that from your Mimi.)

And yes. You still love to eat.